Ugly Sweaters Origin

According to recently released information it appears we can thank Mrs. Claus for the Ugly Christmas Sweater fad but we must blame the elves also. Apparently Mrs. Claus loved knitting and loved making sweaters to give to the elves since we all know it can get very cold at the North Pole. When it got to the point that the elves were not very appreciative of her hard work and decided to start regifting them by wrapping them and sneaking them onto Santa’s sleigh and into the toy bag. Everyone got a kick out of them and they started seeing who could make one look uglier than the next. Stay Safe and have a wonderful 2022. We look forward to seeing everyone this year and especially all of our new friends.


PSA to Parents from Santa

We hope everyone is having a great first of 2022. Something we have noticed over the years and thought we would do a PSA for this. When parents, grandparents or whoever label a high priced item being brought from Santa it sometimes gives the impression to little ones that Santa can bring anything. We visited a local elementary school in 2021 and saw over 95% of the student population of a K-5 students. We had the usual asked for gifts but the one thing that sort of amazed us was the amount of kids asking for IPhone 13 Pro Max. We also had a lot ask for tablets and computers. The one thing that would be great is when and if one of these high dollar ticket items is bought that the tag says from Mom and Dad or some person in their life. Then kiddos will eventually start to realize that Santa’s magic is used more for the toys that are made at the North Pole in the workshop. Thanks and we hope everyone has a great summer. Mrs. Claus and I are on vacation but still available for any Christmas in July events.